Cartell uses magnetometer technology to sense moving steel. Development of this technology dates back to the 1930s. It works off the earth’s magnetic field, which is disrupted by moving steel.

What this means is that when your system activates you can be assured that a moving vehicle was detected. No false alarms triggered by wind, leaves or animals!

Peace of mind knowing when cars are in your driveway. No more being caught off guard when someone is at the door. Sounder offers a variety of over 25 tones, voices, and music.

Do It Yourself made easy! The sounder is already paired to the sensor. To add additional sounders, plug the sounder in, place batteries in sensor, and the sounder will pair automatically.

Only two components: a sensor outside and a sounder inside alerts you to drive-up visitors. You can use an unlimited amount of sounders on one sensor. One Sounder can pair with up to 30 sensors.

The sensor operates on 2 CR-123 batteries. The life of these batteries is 1-3 years.

Have more than one driveway? No problem! Add more sensors and choose a different sound for each driveway.